Christian Religious Knowledge Unit
Secondary Commercial School
Ikot Etokudo/Ibong,
Abak, Nigeria.

The purpose of this study is to examine the qualities and characteristics for an effective administration and development of the church in the contemporary era. Most leadership today are focused on management technique, competencies, strategies and tactics, while ignoring the most important part of leadership - the leaders themselves. Traditional leadership must therefore be redefined and emphasis must be shifted towards life roles and organisational leadership, since the church is a basic organisation as well. In church’s leadership, Jesus is presented as a role model, and every scepticism which prevents this role has been addressed. The study points out the basic qualities/characteristics necessary for good and effective leadership, which eventually engenders proper development of any ecclesial institution. The work is therefore very appropriate, as it will surely help in the understanding of the effective leadership skills/qualities necessary for proper administration and development of the church today.


International Journal of Social and Policy Issues Vol.13 No. 1&2
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