Department of Sociology
Niger Delta University
Wilberforce Island, Nigeria

The Oporomor Kingdom has a substantive political system which is in line with a monarchical system of government. At the head of the political umbrella is a king called Pere Ekere who exercised an absolute power and he is being respected by his subjects. He has divine attributes and rules with physical and supernatural charismatic ability. The people of Ekeremor are believed to be endowed with a divine war power which makes the inhabitants invulnerable to bullet shots. This extra-ordained war power makes the totem boys assume some sense of security and secures an overwhelming power over the law enforcement agencies. The Ekeremor-Egbesu impulse and the underlying value system resulted in a tremendous impact on the people of Ekeremor. The Egbesu totem boys relationship is not cordial but antagonistic to both government and the Ekeremor people of Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. The paper suggested that, the Federal Government, Multi-national corporations and the oil prospecting companies should expedite action on the provision of social amenities such as recreational centres, good potable water, hospitals and schools for the rural dwellers in Ekeremor metropolis.


International Journal of Social and Policy Issues Vol.13 No. 1&2
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