Department of Library and Information Science
Benue State University
Markurdi, Nigeria.

This study was designed to investigate information needs and resource utilization among councillors in Benue State, Nigeria. Three research questions were formulated to guide the study. The design of the study was descriptive survey. Questionnaire was the major instrument for data collection. Data was analysed using mean and standard deviation to test the research questions. The decision point was 2.50. The results of the study revealed that councillors need information for their legislative duties of passing by-laws on the functions assigned to them by the local government law 2007. The study identified the challenges faced by councillors in meeting their information needs to include non-availability of information materials; lack of internet and e-mail facilities; unorganized information sources; distorted and outdated information materials as well as unwillingness of staff of the bureau for local government and chieftaincy affairs to supply needed information. Suggested strategies for ameliorating the challenges include sourcing for current books; journals and periodicals. Assisting councillors to learn the use of modern information sources like the internet, CD plates, arranging the available information for sources for easy retrieval and augmentation of information sources in the library among others were recommended.


International Journal of Social and Policy Issues Vol.13 No. 1&2
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