Department of Public Administration
Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic
Ikot Osurua, Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria

Modern pluralistic society consist of large numbers of ethnic, economic, occupational, religious, and other groups in support of diverse activities and these inevitably confronts the problem of relations between these interest groups and those of government and politics. In open societies interest group are permitted to freely organize themselves and this tend to bring their influence to bear on the machinery, the institutions and the process of government. This interest or pressure-groups are of types. Militia violence in Nigeria has assumed an unprecedented dimension in the recent past. While trying to understand and resolve the issues, surrounding the upsurge of violence, the Nigerian state and its highly placed officials have perceived and explained the issue away from their fundamental stand points. Variously, the issue has been dismissed as those militants being hoodlums and criminals without recourse to the main issues surrounding the struggle. This study departs essentially from these various viewpoints. It sees militia as a pressure, though anomic; and as a dialectical consequence of the contradictions and the very violent character of the Nigerian state through its various policies,
programmes and actions against the nation and its people. The study holds therefore that the Nigerian state was founded by colonial violence and sustained by neo-colonial violence which has been caught up with the violence of its own pathology. Thus arguing that the insurgencies are inseparable from the general crises of under development characteristic of a psendocapitalist system which is inherently crises generating. The solutions perceivably lies in the restructuring of the state and the system of production
and reproduction in the country. Any form of oppressive rule founded in oppression, suppression and deprivation of the legitimate rights and freedom of the majority of the people within the seeming social production system will definately be maintained by violence. After all, it has come to stay that people anytime, all over the world seeking to bring about any state of affairs, fair or not, just or unjust are always to likely employ anomic pressure on perception of the ineffectiveness of peaceful and non-violent means.

International Journal of Social and Policy Issues Vol.13 No. 1&2
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