Department of Geography
Emmanuel Alayande College of Education
Oyo, Nigeria

Settlements grow and develop into urban, and as they do, they tend to exhibit different internal spatial structure. However, studies have shown different observed patterns, which differ between settlements. Part of these observed differences is in the spatial pattern of the Central Business Districts. This study therefore examines the location and pattern of central business districts in Oyo. Models of urban land use were employed for clarification of concepts on Central Business District. Observation was the main instrument of data collection, with a checklist designed for the recordings of the observed characteristics to establish the location and pattern of the business centers. The findings revealed that the interacting activities of these urban settlement of Oyo have given rise to Dual-centre business district, a form of Multiple-nuclei Model. It is recommended that steps should be taken to ensure survival of the two centers to further enhance their contributions to economic growth and development of the area.


International Journal of Environmental Issues Vol.12 No. 1&2
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