Department of Business Education
Ramat Polytechnic
Maiduguri, Nigeria.


This study examines the concept of training and its significance on both employees and organization performance. Training is one of the most important factors in the business world because it increases efficiency and effectiveness of both employees and the organization. Employee performance depends on various factors; but the most important factor of employee to enhance performance is training. Training is considered as the process of upgrading the knowledge, development of skills, which brings about attitude and behavioral changes and improving the ability of the trainee to perform tasks effectively and efficiently in organizations. Regardless of the specificity of the training, the time and effort that an employee puts forth in any training program can lead to a more committed worker. General training and specific skills are many times embedded in one another. Employees enter the employment relationship with many expectations and desires. When a training programme fails to meet these expectations then there is usually a negative attitude to change. But when these expectations and desires are achieved through training the worker is able to feel a greater connection. There is significant debate among professionals and scholars as to the effect that training has on both employee and organizational goals. One school of thought argues that training leads to an increase in turnover while others states that training is a tool that can lead to higher levels of employee retention. However any organizations that develop a good training design according to the need of the employees as well as to the organization always get good results.


International Journal of Labour and Organizational Psychology Vol.10 No. 1&2
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