Department of English Languages
Federal College of Education (Tech.)
Umunze, Nigeria.

The study examined the implementation problems of the English Language Curriculum in the Federal Colleges of Education in Nigeria. Mainly the issues of inadequate facilities, students poor background, students lack of interest in their studies and supervisory inadequacies as they affect curriculum implementation in the English Language were examined. The population of the study was 223 Lecturers of English Language who were used for the study. A questionnaire code-named CIMPROQ was the instrument used for the study. The mean was the statistical tool used in analyzing the data. The findings of the study revealed that inadequate facilities in the Federal colleges of Education constitute a great problem in the implementation of the English Language curriculum; students poor background and their lack of interest are some of the curriculum implementation problems. Location of the colleges is not a factor in the implementation of the curriculum while supervisory inadequacies is a major problem in the implantation of the curriculum. Based on the findings, it is recommended that government should as a matter of urgency embark on the employment of qualified English teachers in the colleges; there should be continuous training and retraining of English Language teachers; government and non-government bodies should jointly provide facilities and other resources for the colleges; supervisory agencies should be equipped to do their jobs more seriously and lastly, parents and guardians should continue to advice their wards to be more serious in their studies.

International Journal of Language and Communication Studies Vol.8 No. 1&2
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