Department of Languages
Federal Polytechnic
Auchi, Nigeria.

Department of General Studies
Mai Idris Alooma Polytechnic
Geidam, Nigeria.

This study mirrors the plight of the ordinary people in the society who suffer from social, political and economic injustices and are placed in the lower level cadre in the society in Mohammed Adisa’s Wailing Masses. The study reveals the pains and sufferings the poor and their families go through in order to make ends meet in the hands of the rich and  the super rich. It further highlights how the poor live in squalor without hope, aims and direction. While the rich and the super rich live in opulence using their pen, connection and influence to exploit the poor politically, economically, socially, etc; thereby creating a wide gap between the poor and the rich and the super rich. To this end, however, the study is of the view that, in order to bridge the wide gap between the poor and the rich and the super rich, the masses need to rise up and fight against the socio-political ills in the society.


International Journal of Language and Communication Studies Vol.8 No. 1&2
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