Department of Animal Production and Health
Ondo State University of Science and Technology
Okitipupa, Nigeria.

Department of Animal Nutrition
Federal University of Agriculture
Abeokuta, Nigeria.

A study was carried out to investigate the effect of niacin supplementation in layers diets on performance and haematological parameters of laying hens. A total of 75 laying birds at 24 weeks of age were used in the trial. Four dietary treatment with niacin at 0ppm, 30ppm, 40ppm, and 50ppm were fed to the bird for a period of 20 weeks. Each treatment had 18 birds comprising of 3 replicate of six birds each. Egg production and and blood parameters were measured. Supplementation of niacin up to 50ppm in layers diets led to significant increase (p<0.05) in feed/dozen egg, feed/kg egg and hen day egg production in 0-10 weeks and 10-20 weeks. No significant effect was observed in feed/dozen/kg in 10-20 weeks. Levels of inclusion of niacin had significant effect( p<0.05) in pcv, haemoglobin and white blood cell while there was no statistical difference in red blood cell. The values of pcv, haemoglobin and red blood cell increased as the level of niacin increased. Finally, it was concluded that supplementation of layers diets with 50mg/kg niacin level was adequate to improve and optimize productive performance, feed/dozen egg, feed/kg egg, better egg weight.