International Journal of Development in Information and Library Sciences Vol.3 No. 1&2
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Library Department
College of Education
Agbor, Nigeria

Department of Integrated Science
College of Education,
Agbor, Nigeria

This study looks at training and development of staff for better information services delivery, access, retrieval and use as an integral part of human capital development. The objective of the study is to x-ray the concept of training and development, the need for training and retraining of the work force in organizations as well as training and retraining techniques and programmes available to them. The study emphasized the crucial need to train and retrain workers to enhance job performance and concludes that there are many training and retraining programmes and techniques available for workers and emphasized the need for an intensified sponsorship of all categories of staff to conferences and workshops for better information services delivery and use. In addition, the study recommends a planned staff development process to equip staff with new technological skills in order to enhance job performance, relevance, information access, retrieval and use in this 21st century.