Department of Library and Information Science
Nigeiran Institute of Leather and Science Technology
Samaru-Zaria, Nigeria.


The focus of this paper is based on the Problems of Implementing Electronic Library in Academic Libraries. It elaborates on what an academic library is and the basic functions of an academic library which includes provision of information, educational roles, research, function and promotion and preservation of culture. The study also discusses the advantages of e-library and problems militating against e-library in academic libraries. Such problems include lack of funds, irregular power supply, availability of space, lack of
trained ICT librarians to manage and maintain the E-library resources. The way forward for the establishment of e-library in Academic Libraries were highlighted which includes retraining and training of librarians in E-library management, provisions of funds and implementation of policy by the Government and Collaboration of librarians with other faculty.


International Journal of Development in Information and Library Sciences Vol.3 No. 1&2
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