Department of Technical Education
Akwa Ibom State College of Education
Afaha Nsit, Nigeria.


The focus of this study was to determine if there was digital divide between urban, rural and gender among students in Senior Science Colleges and Technical Colleges in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Two null hypotheses were formulated to direct the study. The ex-post facto design was used for the study. The population was 6,304 students distributed into three Colleges in the State. The sample size of 600 students was selected from the six Colleges in the State through stratified random technique. The basis of stratification was locationsurban and rural. The instrument used for data collection in the study was Student Achievement Test which consisted of 20 item multiplechoice questions. The data obtained was analyzed using independent t-test at .05 alpha level of significance. The weight of statistical evident showed that there was a significant difference among the variables of the study. Based on these, it was concluded that, there exist a digital divide between Senior Science Colleges and Technical Colleges in Akwa Ibom State. Some recommendations were made which include the policies, procedures, and support should be established by the government at all levels of technical education to ensure that web page, library and distance learning-program developers make their electronic resources accessible to all potential users.


International Journal of Research in Education Vol.13 No. 1 & 2
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