Department of Languages and Liberal Studies
Ramat Polytechnic
Maiduguri, Nigeria

This study is on Causes and Consequences of Educational setback in Borno state. Seven research questions were formulated to guide the research. The subjects used for the study consist of 100 respondents. The respondents are Teachers, Students, Parents, Principals and Teaching Service Board (T.S.B) staff of which 20 respondents each randomly selected. The instruments used during this study were the questionnaire and percentage scores was used to analyze the data collected. Based on the analysis, the findings revealed that, insecurity as the principal factor and other factors like corruption, Poor welfare to teachers, under funding, unconducive environment, Lack of consistency in educational policy in Borno state, Constant strike, Lack of Qualified teachers, Brain drain etc. are the causes and consequences of educational setback in Borno State. On the basis of the findings, some recommendations like Government should provide strong security to all schools in the state,; corruption should be reduced to the barest level by all stake holders, government to increase its budgetary allocations to education etc were made. 


International Journal of Research in Education Vol.13 No. 1 & 2
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