Department of Educational Psychology and Counselling
College of Education
Lanlate, Nigeria.

Without much doubt, guidance and counselling has become a formidable parameter by which educational objectives, cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains could be manipulated to affect an all round development of learners in Nigeria schools. This is made possible through the National policy on Education (2008) which firmly entrenched guidance and counselling as a mandatory index in counsellor and counsellor’ behavioural characteristics and professional qualities Nigerian educational development. This paper among other things took a look at the meaning of guidance and counselling, goals of guidance and counselling in the Nigerian schools, aspects of students behaviour in which a school counsellor is to effect all round development, scope of guidance and counselling in Nigerian schools and counsellors’ role at enhancing physical, social, cognitive and moral traits for all round development of learners in Nigerian schools. The reality therapy of Williams Glasser was used to state clearly the role of counsellors, clients, parents and the environments as a whole in achieving all round development in Nigerian schools. Conclusion was drawn, while the need to allow the counsellors to work hands in hands with the parents before all
round development could be attained in Nigerian schools. 

Key Words: Affective, Cognitive, Counselling, Guidance and Psychomotor.


International Journal of Research in Education Vol.13 No. 1 & 2
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