College Of Education
Agbor, Nigeria.

Department Of Integrated Science
College Of Education,
Agbor, Nigeria

The Study highlights the role of information literacy education on effective environmental education and national development. It xrays the overall development and underdevelopment of Nigeria and argued that information literacy is an active player in the development and under-development of the Nigerian economy especially it’s role in the information society through the creation of awareness of available information and knowledge by guiding the Nigerian populace through the flood to documents recorded in innumerable separately published and unpublished documents emerging from millions of sources all over the world. Viewing information literacy as a veritable tool for effective environmental education and National development. A total of 400 respondents were surveyed by a well structured questionnaire and a guided interview of users. Data obtained were analyzed using the simple percentage and frequency count and the chi square distribution. The study opts for the integration of the concept of infoliteracy into learning programmes and that academic
institution to take advantage of the opportunities inherent within the information society and suggested the restructuring of learning process to encourage library use and appropriate infoliteracy skills for both staff and students as measures to realize the potential for information literacy education.

International Journal of Research in Education Vol.13 No. 1 & 2
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