Department of Geography
Emmanuel Alayande College of Education
Oyo, Nigeria.

A trend of violent communal conflicts is spreading through Nigeria in recent years, with resultant effects in, manifold loss of lives, loss of property and investment opportunities, hunger and starvation, open violence, mass strikes, displacement of people and other forms of socio-economic disorders. Hence this paper examines the impact of such conflict on population of students in school, with an affected community as a case study. The data used for the study was derived from Oyo State ministry of education common entrance posting into junior secondary school and analyzed with simple percentage. The data showed that the communal conflict has led to reduction in population of the students enrolled yearly following the trend of the conflict in the community. It recommended that Interactive conflict Management should be employed by the government to resolve conflict, whilelaw and order must be enforced to guarantee students and school staffs’ security as well as that of the community at large.

Keywords: Communal, Conflict, Schools, population, Enrolment