International Journal of Environmental Issues is published Bi-annually by Development Universal Consortia. It seeks to expand knowledge in Science, Engineering, Architectural, Industrial, Agricultural, Technological and Environmental Issues, and provide information on these and other related issues as they relate to the Third World Nations. It is a multi-disciplinary Journal, integrative in approach, policy oriented and has meet the international indexation standard and acceptability. It is a forum which provides insights and new ideas for the advancement of knowledge of the interrelationships between Environment and development in an increasingly global economy and policy implications that arise thereof. The journal is a referred publication which fosters the exchange of information and new ideas among Environmentalists, Architects, Surveyors, Industrialists, Scientists, Engineers, Technologists, Development Planners, Policy Makers, Professionals and Academics, Students, Staff Members of Research Institutions and International Agencies. The views expressed in this Journal are entirely those of the authors. The publishers, editors and agents of Development Universal Consortia accept no responsibility for any error or misstatement contained herein or for consequencies that may ensue from the use of information contained in this publication. Manuscripts

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The Imperatives of Institutionalization and Privatization of Global Oceans Commons: The Perspectives 
Hayatudeen, Mohammed K.

Spatial Structure of Central Business Districts in Oyo 
Olaniyi, Oladiran P.

Estimation of Spatial and Diurnal Variations of Carbonmoxide (Co) Emissions From Vehicular Traffic Source In Uyo-urban,
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. 
Edem, Timothy E.
Efanga, Otu E.

Evaluation of Water Quality Index of Orashi River, Rivers State, Nigeria.
Ezeilo, F. E.
Oba, K. M.

An Introspective Evaluation of Housing Contribution to Nigerian Economy. 
Abimaje, Joshua
Abuh, Noah M.

Evaluation of Accessibility to Potable Water Supplied by Akwa Ibom Water Management Agencies. 
Udom, Ekerette S.