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Incidence of Aspergillus Species on Fermented Food (Garri) Sold in Bukuru Market, Jos South Local Government Area of
Plateau State, Nigeria. 
Gwamzhi, D.
Chundusu, E. S.
Dayok, O.

The Effect of Different Levels of Organic Manure (Poultry Droppings) On the Growth and Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus ) As Produced In Bauchi, Nigeria. 
Dutse, Nanyi J. I.
Adeosun, J. O.
Zakariya, S. I.
Rusulana, Yunusa

Serum And Blood Profile Of Affrican Civets (Viverra Civetta) 
Idiong, N. B.
Ud/>Idiong, N. B.
Udoh, M. D.
Eyoh, G. D.
Asam, E. D.
Idiong, M. N.

Physicochemical and Sensory Qualities of Biscuits Produced From Blends of Wheat, Millet and Selected Legumes.
Bitrus, M. Y.
Anayo, J. G.
Onuoha, O. G.
Iro, Nkama

Problems And Prospects of Typha Invasion on Hadejia Valley Irrigation Project
Dahiru, R.
Abubakar, M. A.
Adam, L. M.
Budumi, L.

Chemical, Functional and Pasting Properties of Starch From Cassava and Sweet Potatoe Tubers 
Fadesire, Kazeem A.

The Role of Modern Icts in Agricuilture and Rural Transformation: The Part of Effective Agricultural Practices and Management for Achievement of Global Benefits
Tsusal, R. P.
Isa, Z
Ijasad, A. A..


Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of a Weaning Fo Sensory Properties of a Weaning Formula from Germinated Pearl Millet and Bambara Groundnut 
Yelmi, M. B.
Samuel, O. E.
Haruna, U. S.
Anayo, G. J.

Recycling of Tomatoes Waste as Potential Nutrients For Agricultural Crops. 
Owoeye, G.
Owolabi, B. J.
Ibitoye, A.
Oyebode, I. E.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: A Strategy to Improve Safety and Quality of Food Products in Nigeria.
Fadesire, Kazeem A.
Bamidele, Hassan A.

Effect of Different Methods of Fermentation on the Mineral and Sensory Properties of Cooked Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) 
Odion-Owase, E.
Ojokoh, A. O.
Oyetayo, V. O.

Effect of Three Feeding Combinations on the Growth Rate of Snails (Archatina Maginata). 
Idiong, M. N.
Idiong, N. B.
Eyoh, G. D.
Eteakamba, Assam

Effect of Niacin Supplimentation in Layers Performance and Haematological Parameters 
Olorunsola, R. A.
Akapo, A. O.
Eruvbetin, D.