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Globalization and the Political Economy of Institutional Choices: Assessing the Impact on the Democratization
Process in Africa. 
Ezeanyika, Samuel E.

The Constitutional Crisis and How it Undermined Constitutionalism in Uganda From 1962 - 1986. 
Bashasha, Alex T.

Geographical Examination of Colonialism and its Impact on the Developing Countries’ Economy.
Oladokun, Tajudeen A.

Imperialism and Constitutional Development in Nigeria: Implications for Neo-colonialism. 
Phenson, Ufot A.
Ojie, Peter A.
Ukpong-Umo, Raphael
Akpan, Sunday E.

Hayatudeen, Mohammed
Ismail, Usman
Joda, Mohammed

Gender Inequality and Political Participation in Nigeria. 
Nwiedoo, Deacon

Press Coverage of Nigeria’s Relations with the West During the Country’s Suspension From the Commonwealth 1993-1998.
Shehu, Samaila S.
Idung, Robert U.

Globalization of Democracy: What are the National Security Challenges For Africa? 
Osy, Ezechukwunyere N.
Ezeanyika, Samuel E.

Understanding the Role of International Law in the Resolution of the Conflict Between Nigeria and Cameroon Over the Bakassi Peninsula.
Ariye, Ekpotuatin C.