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Information Resource Development and the Implementation Of ICTs in a Developing Economy: A Study Of Nigerian University Libraries.
Okorigbo, Lynda O.

A Comparative Study Of the Gender Attitude and Academic Achievement in Physics in Ife North Local Government Area Of Osun State. 
Olatunji, A.
Ogunbunmi, T.

The Digital Divide Between Senior Science School and Technical College Students in Akwa Ibom State.
Mfon, Effiong E. 

Consequencies Of Insurgency On Education in Borno State, Nigeria. 
Garba, Mohammad
Hajja, Fatima H.
Usman, Hajja S.

Teacher Competence as Correlates to Pupils’ Performance Among Primary Schools Pupils in Jigawa State 
Ka’abu Mu’azu
Muhammad Maibeni

Rhetoric and the Role Of Peer in the Future Development Of Science. 
Toungos, Mohammed D.
Umar, Aliyu

Guidance and Counselling: An Effective Tool for Enhancing Learners All Round Development in Nigerian Schools.
Adedibu, M. B.

Instructional Materials: Key To Effective Teaching and Learning 
Akpan, Fidela C.
Obot, Emaediong

Influence Of Self-efficiency On E–Library Usage By Some Selected Undergraduate Students Of a Nigerian University.  
Gbotosho, Ajibola S.

Percieved Importance Of Utilizing Animal Husbandry Farm Facilities in Learning Agricultural Science in Secondary Schools in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area Of
Akwa Ibom State. 
Oyomete, Sunday E.
Akpan, Godwin A.

The Impact Of Information Literacy Education On Effective Environmental Education and National Development 
Erimieleagbon, Oyenike O.
Obiwulu, Esther N.

The Influence Of Instructional Materials On Students Academic Performance in Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. 
Udofa, Ataetima I.